SpLD, HScr, Remedial teacher and Neurodevelopmental Therapist, Owner and Principal of The Fountain House Learning Centre

Over the past 20 years Tamara’s work has included Remedial Literacy Multisensory and Sharma Maths, Study Skills, Visual Perceptual Therapy, Instrumental Enrichment and Neurodevelopmental Therapy.

She is a qualified provider of The Listening Program, In Time and Cogmed and a Certified Screener affiliated to The HANDLE® Institute. She has sat on The Executive Committee of the Board of the HANDLE Institute but is now focused on bringing to all children the benefit of our current understanding of neuroplasticity.

In 2006 Tamara began her research into the possibility of producing an efficient neurodevelopmental programme that can be used in the classroom on a regular basis and that will help primary school children mature their learning skills and so achieve better academic results. In 2015 Myrom and Tamara joined forces to develop and research The MiMo Programme. 2018 saw the finalisation of their quest and The MiMo Programme Level II is now available for classes 1,2 and 3.