The research paper of the MiMo Programme demonstrates how, through daily exercises, it has managed to stimulate essential mechanisms that are at the core of our ability to successfully engage with Learning. 

Growing up with dyspraxia was very challenging for me, especially during my time at school. I am pleased there is now an exercise programme that can allow children to have a more comfortable journey to achieving their goals and dreams. 

Dr. J Krieger – Computational Biology and Neurobiology

Imperial College London – Undergraduate and Masters

Cambridge University – PhD

Dr. J Krieger – Computational Biology and Neurobiology

We have been running the programme in year one and year 2 this year.The children’s gross motor has improved and so has their attention.We are now really want to trial it with year 3 4 5 and 6.

Jane Elbaz – SENCO

Our Year 1 class that is on the programme has improved so much concerning math and language skills, co-ordination and fine motor skills compared to the Year 1 class that isn`t in the programme. The improvement is so visible that most of our teachers who teach Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 want to be part of the programme. The parents are also satisfied.

Katja Kojnik, Special Needs, IV Osnovna sola, Celje, Slovenia

Exercise is good when children have been sitting for too long. Children need a clear break between lessons. Some children’s left right coordination is not great and they need to strengthen their core. Hand exercises to help with handwriting. I have found that children in my class enjoy the MIMO program. I look forward to continue this year with my new class.

Rachel Miller Year 1 Teacher – Noam School

I am also glad that the programme has proven to be so successful – I  had no doubts because we can see the effect on students “with naked eye”- the tests are only proving it.

Katja Kojnik – Special Needs IV.osnovna sola Celje, Slovenia

We would like to continue the programme on the basis that you outlined, if that is still possible – the children enjoy the activities and we certainly see the benefit of daily movement, music, and water.

Peter Burge – Year 1 Teacher Highgate Primary School